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About Chilmark
The Town of Chilmark was founded in 1694 and is located in Dukes County on Martha's Vineyard.

Most of the land in Chilmark is dedicated to its residents and agricultural use. During the month of August the community has a Chilmark Road Race which is put together by volunteers who raise money for community purposes.

Visitors to Chilmark includes President Barack Obama has the First Family, but you should not only frequent it in the summer. During the fall season the weather is beautiful and the picture perfect ocean views make the town an amazing place to visit.

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Farm.Field.Sea. Martha's Vineyard October 25th
Saturday, October 25th - FULL DAY ADVENTURE 9-3pm Breakfast. Fresh breakfast of local treats such as eggs, baked goods, yogurts and coffee. Sea. Menemsha Fish House, Menemsha Fisherman, Honeysuckle Oyster Farm, MV Shellfish Group, Buddy Vanderhoop/Tomahawk Charters Join local fisherman, shellfish farmers and educators to learn about the history of fishing on Martha's Vineyard and the fish and shellfish native to the island. Learn now to filet a fish, select fresh seafood and shuck an oyster like islanders do. Farm. North Tabor Farm Meet Rebecca Miller and Matthew Dix at North Tabor Farm, a 6-acre family-run farm off North Road in Chilmark. Head out into the fields where you will be immersed in the heritage, history, and craft of sowing, harvesting, and tending animals. Get your hands dirty learning how to select the best of what the soil has to offer throughout the growing season, and why loving care for chickens translates into good meat. While touring of the farm you will harvest the ingredients for cooking with Chef Chris Fischer. Lunch. Enjoy special a 'pop-up' lunch at a location that suits the day's journey. Cook. Head into The Beach Plum kitchen to learn to make some of Chef Chris Fischer's favorite seasonal dishes. Evening. Chef Chris Fischer of The Beach Plum Restaurant opens for one last meal to close out the season and celebrate Farm.Field.Sea--a day of education and exploration with Island farmers and fisherman. The evening starts off with a wine tasting and pairing education by the purveyors of Thirst Wine Merchants, Brooklyn. Michael and Emilia will provide a rare look into Living Wineby individuals who farm organically and/or biodynamically. The wine will be paired by with local and New England farmstead cheeses by head cheesemaker of Grey Barn Farm Jacqueline Foster. Guests will enjoy a beautiful communal meal cooked by Chris Fischer sitting alongside the farmers and fisherman responsible for the meal's ingredients, picked that day during Farm.Field.Sea. The multi-course dinner includes wine and beer pairings. ***Post-dinner bonfire weather dependent*** Dinner included in full day package. Guests welcome at an additional $150 pp. ****** Want to lean more about the food on your plate? Join us for an adventure. . About: Farm.Field.Sea. is 'sleeves-up and hands-dirty' adventure on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Follow your foods trail with the islands' master farm and sea purveyors; learn, gather and savor your new found knowledge while cooking alongside talented chefs. Then, gather with your new friends to enjoy a transparently simple, local-as-it-gets feast. +Learn new skills with Island food experts +Cook with top chefs inspiring simple fresh meals you can do at home +Get unparalleled access to Martha's Vineyard's authentic food community +Eat well. Very, very well. Collaborators you will meet along the way... Chef Chris Fischer of the Beach Plum Restaurant, North Tabor Farm, Menemsha Fisherman, Buddy Vanderhoop/Tomahawk Charters,cheese maker Jacqueline Foster, Honeysuckle Oyster Farm, Juliska, Menemsha Fish House, MV Shellfish Group, Offshore Ale House, Thirst Wine Merchants

When: Oct 25, 2014 9 AM to Oct 25, 2014 10 PMin Chilmark, Massachusetts
Cost: 450 - 450 USD (Sat, 25 Oct 2014 09 )

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